On Thursday 22nd November, we proudly hosted our most successful networking event at the London EDITION. We received a record attendance of Procorre Consultants, Associates and guests and our team were delighted to engage in discussion with so many talented consultants.

This evening marked our final networking event of the year so we aptly celebrated with seasonal festivities while reminiscing on the past year and all of our achievements so far. We welcome Andy Hawkins’ of Maximise IT who discussed the tech services that he offers clients. Following this we announced Corre Energy; a billion dollar project in which Procorre are the lead investor, a project which all of our consultants will benefit from as we enter the new year.

Corre Energy is the future of sustainable energy. Together we will use salt caverns to store renewable energy and help the world’s energy crisis and environment. Procorre Consultants within our network have received exclusive opportunities to work on projects and invest in Corre Energy during its early stages. To enquire about becoming an investor in Corre Energy, visit www.corre.energy

To learn more about Corre Energy and the other highlights that you missed at our event, watch our latest video update above from CEO Anne O’Donnell.

To keep up with future events and opportunities, follow our website and social media channels. If you want to become a Procorre Consultant and be exposed to new opportunities like Corre Energy, visit Join Procorre.

Thank you to everybody who joined us in London on November 22nd, we wish you a great New Year and look forward to collaborating with you in future.

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