Energy & Resources - Project Services

Because we attract and retain the best consultants we offer all our global clients a complete range of services for projects of any scale and location. Our invaluable insight enables us to advise and provide the expertise for atomic energy clients on nuclear reactor designs, streamlined trade management procedures for ‘big 4’ investment firms and designed strategies to extend the lives of offshore oil platforms for major oil and gas operators.

We collaborate with utilities, government, investors, manufacturers, oil and gas companies, and major corporations to help them thrive in the rapidly changing energy environment. Procorre provide a bespoke approach with progressive ideas and tailored solutions in what we know is an ever changing industry. Our expertise and proactive strategic approach to problem solving, allows us to provide key insights for our clients.

Strategy and Technology

Due to the nature of the energy sector, Procorre help clients to be prepared, anticipate and react to changes and trends within the industry. We help pinpoint opportunities and create the strategy to capitalise on it. Our extensive project expertise enable us to deliver powerful solutions that meet each clients’ needs. Procorre provides our customers with the latest data and analyses they need to make informed investment choices for services and technologies in order to enhance their relationships with customers in an evolving marketplace.

Operations and Asset Management

Procorre provide a full range of planning, operations, asset management, and performance excellence solutions to all our clients, as standard.

Financial, Risk, and Regulatory

Procorre work closely with our clients to identify business strategies for securing equitable regulatory funding tools, identifying potential risk to critical assets, and achieving investment technology and diversification adoption drivers.

Make the most of the opportunities presenting themselves within the energy and resources sector by working with the global experts. At Procorre we provide our clients with expert whole life cycle project management, across a range of industries, from project planning, talent sourcing and global mobilisation, through to on-site project management and end of project reporting. We help businesses deliver.

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