Construction - Project Services

Procorre understand construction projects are complex and come with a significant amount of risk. By partnering with our clients, we can minimise their risk through a variety of construction project services.

We can either oversee projects, as an extension of resources, or as professional construction consultants, acting as the owner’s agent and monitoring a contractor’s ability to complete a project. We offer a full suite of services including inspection, field testing capabilities, commissioning, consulting, and value-engineering services. Our expertise helps to assure our clients that the project is being completed safely, securely, and to the required specifications.

Our services include:

  • Project controls
  • Construction engineering and inspection (CEI)
  • Program management
  • Project cycle delivery methodology

Make the most of the opportunities presenting themselves within the construction sector by working with the global experts. At Procorre we provide our clients with expert whole life cycle project management, across a range of industries, from project planning, talent sourcing and global mobilisation, through to on-site project management and end of project reporting. We help businesses deliver.

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