Large scale international, construction projects require experts from a range of fields, with Procorre Consultants providing everything from cost and project management to architectural expertise.

Although some parts of Europe have seen a downturn in construction in recent years, emerging markets such as Russia, the Middle East and China now offer excellent opportunities for a whole range of construction-industry specialists, with Procorre Consultants working on a wide range of projects.

Cash-rich Middle Eastern governments in particular are funding extremely ambitious construction and infrastructure projects – for example, Dubai which already has the world’s tallest building is now embarking on what is essentially an indoor city called the ‘Mall of the World’. Qatar is a major growth area for consultants, with projects that extend well beyond primary work on actual World Cup venues to related work in transport, leisure and commercial sites.

Infrastructure in Indonesia is on the up with ambitious plans to become the 7th largest economy in the world, while Africa is seeing new levels of interest from international investors with a particular flow of funding from China.

As development takes off for countries with large rural populations, the choice of destinations for construction consultants is changing all the time. For example, India is currently pursuing infrastructure spending goals designed to double investment over a five-year period.


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