Banking and Financial Services - Project Services

From banking, insurance to wealth management to securities distribution, Procorre has financial services expertise serving all major areas of the industry. Our knowledge draws on the experience of professionals from the global financial centres.

Procorre has the capability to undertake projects ranging from reviewing an organisation's financial planning structure and processes through to providing on-site interim financial expertise on a day to day basis.

We are able to provide specialist support for organisations including:

  • Financial forecasting and planning
  • Business planning - constructing plans and critically reviewing existing plans
  • Financial due diligence
  • Treasury management
  • Financial controls and systems development
  • Development of business cases
  • Drafting and agreeing financial regulations

Make the most of the opportunities presenting themselves within the banking and financial services sector by working with the global experts. At Procorre we provide our clients with expert whole life cycle project management, across a range of industries, from project planning, talent sourcing and global mobilisation, through to on-site project management and end of project reporting. We help businesses deliver.

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