Investment Performance
and Reporting

Services Overview

Procorre offers global clients a complete range of high quality performance and attribution project skills to the investment management and the pension fund sector.

Our consultants have a proven track record in the provision of services to performance measurement, attribution and reporting projects.

Consultancy Services

We offer a high quality team with many years experience providing services to software vendors, asset managers and directly to pension funds. Our team have worked on multiple projects advising, developing and implementing performance software solutions.

If you are about to embark on a project which requires in depth knowledge of performance within your organisation then we can be of assistance from the start of the selection process right through to the implementation of your chosen solution, advising and delivering at all points throughout the project.

Project Resourcing

For clients looking for individual contractors to work within a specific project team or business unit, Procorre can recommend resources across the full range of expertise needed for a successful implementation.

Business Analysis

Procorre can conduct business analysis for all aspects of performance and performance systems. Procorre Consultants have proven and recommended experience in providing business analysis to system implementations and the management of operational change within clients’ performance departments.

System Design and Development

We can design and develop performance systems and/or supporting software solutions such as Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) technology to manage the feed of asset level data to attribution systems.

Programme and Project Management

Procorre offer our clients experienced programme and project managers that have extensive experience of performance projects.

Software Evaluation and Selection

Procorre have not only helped organisations select performance systems on a consultancy basis to client projects but also have considerable experience of the process from the business side working within the business as Heads of Performance and Senior Analysts. Our vendor selection expertise includes running projects to selecting digital agencies to building web based portals and provision of performance data to global websites.

Market Data Vendor Selection and Data Integration

Procorre Consultants have extensive experience in choosing the best solution for sourcing the data for your performance attribution project. We have experience building solutions that integrate many types of investment accounting system directly into the chosen performance attribution solution. We can also assist in choosing a source for the market vendor data and ensuring the data is fit for purpose for your attribution solution.

Operational Resources

We have first-hand experience managing change in performance departments and provide services to organisations for multiple scenarios from managing change through loss of resource to back filling for project implementations.

Process Review and Intelligent Automation

Procorre has wide experience in providing automation solutions across multiple sectors including finance, telecoms and retail processes. Procorre can provide an assessment of an organisations processes and systems used for delivering performance and reporting. We can then identify and automate repetitive tasks providing valuable time for the analysts to add more value to the performance role in your organisation.

Procorre can also reduce reputational risk by delivering automated solutions to target data anomalies, uncovering data issues in the source data and results. Our solutions can find patterns in large data sets to assist in identifying data anomalies before reports are generated.

Project Services Examples

Procorre offer experience across the full range of performance projects, here are some examples of how our consultants or project team can help:

  • Choosing and implementing market leading performance and attribution software
  • Bespoke software solutions to meet performance, attribution and reporting needs
  • Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) consultancy to verification and compliance projects
  • System integration and Business process review
  • Business process review
  • Implementation of Intelligent Automation (IA) solutions to the performance and reporting process
  • Reconciliation solutions to automatically highlight data anomalies in source data and with the performance attribution results
  • Managing operational changes within performance departments
  • Performance analyst operational resourcing and back fill
  • Performance and attribution training and courses
  • Designing and investment committee and board reporting for pension funds and delivering process

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