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Procorre Consultants develop and implement financial services strategies in insurance, retail, corporate and investment banking, using their expertise and knowledge of current financial industry trends.

The number of vacancies in the financial services sector is continuing to increase dramatically – one example being the knock on effects of Brexit with the requirement from large numbers of businesses to make changes to their strategies, business and examination of cost and profit models they operate.

A number of factors contribute to a rise in opportunities. More credit is starting to be offered to consumers, and so the retail banking sector is seeing activity – offsetting in part some previous investment banking contraction. Regulatory reforms and compliance are also far more prominent, and bringing in new measures to deal with regulatory requirements means hiring the right specialists. Skilled technology staff are in high demand as firms focus on designing automated checks and tough data security systems to appease regulators.

Such a highly regulated sector, with frequent changes to legislation, inevitably means that firms have to work to very strict deadlines. This is the perfect environment for consultants, who can offer the skills needed for labour-intensive initiatives at short notice.

Technology is also contributing to the opportunities in finance. New start-up companies are challenging and changing the face of the Banking and Financial services sector. The rise of FinTech (Financial Technology) as an agile and digitally enabled competitor is beginning to shake up the traditional and established financial service organisations. Over the last few years, a crop of FinTech start-ups has emerged, using technology to make it easier for people to invest, make payments and even get a loan. FinTech has created new opportunities for consultants and clients to leverage their skills through new technologies, driving increased efficiency and partnering with new market entrants.


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