Big Data is a Big Hit - Procorre in the News

Our recent research and press release on the topic of ‘big data’ generated a lot of interest both in traditional media and on our social media channels, with Procorre featuring on  IT ProPortalRecruitment International , and The Global Recruiter, to name a few.  

Our research looked at big data’s potential applications and the new jobs it is creating, particularly for data scientists where there is growing demand for specialist expertise.

So, what is big data? Simply put it’s data that is too big, moves too fast and doesn’t fit the strictures of traditional databases or central processing units (CPUs). It’s categorised by volume - with an estimated 2.2 trillion gigabytes of data being created every day - a great variety of sources and formats, such as Facebook, CCTV, apps or worn devices like the Apple Watch, and incredibly fast processing speeds.

With these enormous quantities and the various formats and levels of accuracy, utilising big data is no easy task. The applications of big data are vast and the opportunities for those with the right skills are much the same.

Do you think 2016 is the year of big data?

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