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New York City is attempting to use cutting edge initiatives to help resolve urban challenges to benefit the city’s residents. These initiatives have led to New York becoming a more sustainable, resilient and equitable city.

New York is proud to be known as the ‘city of dreams’ where everyone has equal opportunities and success. They are “committed to ensuring we continue to be the leader of urban sustainability, resiliency and technology” said Mayor Bill de Blasio, who aims to improve the economy by becoming a smarter city. As Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation (BNYDC), President David Ehrenberg said “Brooklyn Navy Yard continues that tradition today as home to a mix of older manufacturers and a growing number of companies that use advanced technologies to design, engineer and manufacture products which will now employ more people than at any time since the Navy left Brooklyn”.

New York has started offering a free high-speed internet service in over 10,000 low income New York homes. The city is also investing into pilot and smart technologies. Part of this investment is going to be used by investing $3 million into gunshot detection sensors to enhance public safety and an $18.6 million connected-vehicle pilot with the U.S. Department of Transportation. They are also attempting to grow the economy by providing 100 square foot of affordable space and prototyping equipment to help entrepreneurs and innovators address the urban challenges in sectors such as energy, waste, agriculture, water and transport.

“The rapid growth of our urban innovation sector demonstrates that building a sustainable resilient city isn’t just smart planning- it helps support new businesses that create good jobs for New Yorkers” said New York City Economic Development Corp. President, Maria Torres-Springer.

Smart Cities are visionary urban developments, utilising the integration of information and communication technology with Internet of Things technology to manage a city's assets. We see a wealth of opportunities for clients and consultants in local departments' information systems, the public sector, transportation, hospitals, power plants, water supply networks, waste management and other community services. Contact us to find out what smart project opportunities we have in the 120 countries we operate in.

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