Smart Cities - Singapore

Renowned for its tidy streets and tight controls on behaviour in the city, Singapore will soon to be known for its extensive efforts to monitor data collected on the city. As part of their ‘Smart Nation’ programme, plans are in place to install multiple cameras and sensors across the island city-state. These sensors will allow the government to monitor anything from the cleanliness of public places to tracking the exact movement of every vehicle registered locally.

Smart City - Singapore

These new sensors are likely to affect every resident in the island city-state but to what extent is still unknown until the project is complete. One potential use of sensors will be to predict how infectious diseases could spread, therefore learning how to prevent them. Another function could be used to measure how a group of people would react to a serious incident, such as an explosion in a shopping centre.  However, with rising awareness of issues surrounding global cyber security there are major concerns over criminals hacking the system and gaining access to personal data.  

Sensors are also being installed within the homes of elderly citizens to monitor information on general health; such as when they stop moving or when they go to the toilet.  The majority of residents are excited about the benefits of the initiative, especially in regards to having security for their relatives.  It is hoped the scheme will allow elderly family members to live more independently, rather than moving into a care home.  In one trial, a resident’s daughter, Mrs Oo, received text messages when her mother’s movements changed to suggest illness or when she stopped moving.  Mrs Oo stated that having the technology in her mother’s home provided peace of mind and that neither she nor her mother felt that the technology was invading their privacy. The scheme will be paid for by non-trial residents, who believe the new service will be beneficial in monitoring the health of the elderly.

When Tim Greisinger, director of International Business Machines Corp. was asked about the new technology being used in the ‘Smart Nation’ he stated that “the opportunities are endless”.

Smart Cities are visionary urban developments, utilising the integration of information and communication technology with Internet of Things technology to manage a city's assets. We see a wealth of opportunities for clients and consultants in local departments' information systems, the public sector, transportation, hospitals, power plants, water supply networks, waste management and other community services. Contact us to find out what smart project opportunities we have in the 120 countries we operate in.

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