UAE Turns to Consultants to Bolster Oil and Gas Skills

  • UAE boast largest number of opportunities for contractors
  • Two-fifths of roles are for oil and gas industry specialists

In spite of the oil price slump and increasing austerity measures in The United Arab Emirates (UAE), our latest research into recruitment trends in the Middle East highlights the opportunities for skilled oil and gas consultants in UAE.

The data shows a change in hiring practices in the country as oil and gas operators switch from full-time resourcing to using specialist contractors, driven by their need to balance falling revenues with opportunities to meet production targets.

This has led to over 260 contracting vacancies in the UAE in the last three months. Interestingly, over two-fifths of these (44 per cent) were for industry specialists and a third (33 per cent) were for engineers. The demand for skills and experience follows the significant lay-offs we’ve seen in recent times as employers look to plug the gap by bringing in experienced industry specialists on short-term contracts.

While the UAE boasts the highest number of these roles, there is a similar picture in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Just under a third (32 per cent) of the 500 oil and gas positions available in the three countries combined were for industry specialists.

However, competition for positions remains fierce as the UAE government faces up to austerity measures in the wake of the oil price slump and businesses prepare for the introduction of VAT in 2017.

Oil and gas specialists who are interested in working on projects in UAE should apply below to be a Procorre Consultant.

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