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Renowned for its tidy streets and tight controls on behaviour in the city, Singapore will soon to be known for their extensive efforts to monitor data on the city

Barcelona has taken the world by storm with their ambitious agenda to become the Smartest City and with 22 major programs in place with an additional 83 separate projects underway, so far they have achieved their goals.

New York City is attempting to use cutting edge initiatives to help resolve urban challenges to benefit the city’s residents. These initiatives have led to New York becoming a more sustainable, resilient and equitable city.

World urbanization has been growing at a mass rate in the past few years, which is why IEEE Smart Cities are predicting the population in cities across the globe to double by 2050. The rapid growth means that there is an increased demand for cities to offer intelligent methods for a sustainable environment, reduce environmental impact and offer a higher quality of life to its citizens.

France, Australia and the UAE will become the next big cyber security ‘hotspots’ for businesses and contractors working to combat the rise and evolution of cyber-crime.

Manufacturers and third-party suppliers of Medical Devices (MD) and In-Vitro Diagnostic devices (IVD) are being urged to prepare for the new ISO13485:2016 International Standard and MDD & IVDD ‘Recast’ which becomes mandatory in less than three years’ time.

As we see demand for support on pharma projects rise, we’ve identified three growth hotspots that ambitious businesses and specialist consultants in the pharma sector should keep a watchful eye on.

In our latest analysis we have identified three countries that are set to create a raft of project opportunities in the nuclear industry.

Our latest analysis of trends in the Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) sectors has revealed a significant increase in demand for data scientists in the first half of 2016.

In June 2015, India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, launched his ‘Urban Mission’ and signalled his intent to transform housing for the country’s urban poor. 

Analysis identifies five locations around the world that are rapidly increasing investment in their solar power industries.

In spite of the oil price slump and increasing austerity measures in The United Arab Emirates (UAE), our latest research into recruitment trends in the Middle East highlights the opportunities for skilled oil and gas consultants in UAE.

In our latest analysis of global construction markets we have identified five construction ‘hotspots’ that will drive demand for specialist contractors over the next six months and beyond.

IT contractor roles in the Middle East on the rise following peak number of vacancies in Q1 2016.

In a recent analysis of recruitment trends in the Middle East conducted by Procorre, the first quarter of 2016 saw a significant increase in the number of renewable energy contractor roles in the Middle East, with engineers particularly in demand.

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