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Anne O’Donnell named The Most Inspirational Businesswoman in the West 2019.

At Procorre, we are extremely proud to announce that our CEO, Anne O’Donnell, celebrated her victory last night as the Most Inspirational Businesswoman in the West. The event, which took place at The Passenger Shed in Bristol, saw the unification of numerous powerful women across various sectors, championing gender equality and progression.

Over the last couple of years, Anne has led a dedicated campaign to bring more women into the consulting sector to challenge the imbalanced numbers across tech-based consulting positions. The Procorre100 campaign saw the introduction of 100 women in 100 working days to join Procorre’s professional network. The result of the campaign saw a significant number of professional women sign up for the cause; while the figure of 100 women was not quite met (with around 80 sign-ups), the findings highlighted the clear prevalent issue of gender-imbalance within the consulting industry and enabled many women to discover a new, exciting way to work.

According to The Bristol Post Anne has been described as a dynamic and charismatic leader and under said leadership, Procorre continues to increase representation in the office, with 60 per cent of the workforce now female.”

All of us at Procorre are extremely proud of Anne’s commitment as a CEO and look forward to continuing to contribute towards positive change in the industries we work within.

“I felt extremely humbled last night to be in such esteemed company, with such amazing examples of women who have overcome adversity or completed acts of heroism. It was an absolute honour to be chosen to win the Most Inspirational Businesswoman of the West Award 2019.

Being the CEO of Procorre is a privilege; I get to work with wonderful people with passion and drive, making every day a pleasure. Championing women in business has always been a passion of mine as I was supported throughout my career by some inspiring and forward-thinking men!

In my opinion, we need to collaborate in an equal and diverse working environment of empowerment for all, as it is this that differentiates a company and makes it successful.

Procorre will be continuing with our #Procorre100 campaign throughout 2019 as we continue to encourage women to break through the glass ceiling with a career in consulting across multiple disciplines.” – Anne O’Donnell, CEO

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