Anne 1 in 100

Anne O’Donnell – One in a Hundred

Just last week we proudly celebrated International Women’s Day at our London event, introducing influential women from our network to attend a panel and discuss their views of equality in business.

The theme of last week’s event was to celebrate our Procorre100 campaign. Procorre100 has taken place over the last 100 working days and presented an initiative to introduce 100 women into Procorre’s professional network, challenging the underrepresented numbers of women in top consulting and tech roles.

Following CEO Anne O’Donnell’s pledge to introduce 100 women into Procorre’s professional network, she has now been selected as one of the Top 100 Influential Women in the West. Anne has also been shortlisted for the West Women of the Year 2019 award, of which the winner will be announced on May 16th.

Anne, alongside other nominees such as Deborah Meaden and Mary Berry, was put forward for the West Women of the Year 2019 award following her inspirational hard work, putting a stake in the ground to challenge gender inequality in her sector.

In response to her selection and nomination, Anne stated:

“I am extremely honoured to have been selected for the West Women of the Year 2019 award, and to appear alongside so many other inspirational women! Our Procorre100 pledge over the last 100 days to strive for equality has been incredible. I am so proud that we have been recognised for our hard work.”

A champion of equality, Anne ensures an equal representation of genders across the board within her company and wants to the see the same changes made on a global scale.

Madison Cake, an intern at Procorre who now works full time within the Resourcing team, spoke highly of her CEO. When interviewed by Direct Line for business at the Festival for Female Entrepreneurs last year, she stated:

“My biggest inspiration is Anne O’Donnell, she’s an amazing woman in business and she was one of the 100 women to sign the Westminster 100 years right to vote. An amazing woman, she’s been a huge influence on me to continue working hard and towards my goals.”

It is clear that Anne has had a considerable influence amongst the women in her company and consulting network as Procorre’s CEO.

To learn more about the award and nomination, visit the West Women of the Year website or Bristol Post’s exclusive article today.