For EU nationals, a major advantage of working in Europe is the simplicity of immigration arrangements, which combined with high standards of living means that European contracts offer an attractive lifestyle.

However, different tax regimes vary greatly and Procorre can ensure compliance with these. France, for example, has complex rules and stringent criteria for those seeking to be defined as self-employed. Italy’s tax regime is similarly complicated, while Luxembourg offers a more liberal environment.

The European Commission is set on growth (with a target of 20% by 2020), and the continent leads the world in some important sectors and offers opportunities in:


2017 has seen the UK start the process of leaving the EU, with the knock on effects causing an impact on businesses, large and small, across the UK and Europe.

Following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, companies are calling on consultants to help them prepare for the major changes ahead. From automotive manufacturers to defence system designers, there is a growing requirement for consultants to help companies examine the impact withdrawal from the single market might have on supply chains.

As a result the re-modelling and re-designing of business structures as companies set up contingency plans for either the hard or soft Brexit, could bring an uplift for the consulting industry.

With much discussion in the press concerning trade deals and the potential new barriers following the impact of Brexit, it’s worth pointing out that the EU has $5 trillion in trade deals around the world and the Procorre Dublin office remains able to provide access to the EU. Procorre also maintains an office in Switzerland which is of course outside of the EU and has over $35 trillion in trade deals around the world*, at Procorre our infrastructure was built to transcend borders and barriers.

Project Services

Procorre can overcome challenges and provide consultants and clients access to Europe's opportunities.  In addition to project based services we also offer advice on the following:

  • Providing due-diligence audit on contractor workforces
  • Relocating your workforce overseas
  • Outsourcing international staff mobilisation
  • Risk management & talent sourcing
  • Project delivery
  • Facilitate opening an office overseas.

We have capacity in the following countries:

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