Job title: IT Deployment Manager
Job type: Contract
Job Location: Kurdistan
Job Length: 18 months+ contract
Day Rate: Negotiable day rate, with a one bedroom flat included and a flight home every third week for a week


Next generation management consultancy Procorre are looking for an IT Deployment Manager for our latest project.

  • You will be responsible for owning the business components and requirements during the deployment.
  • Become an expert of the company’s software application
  • Project manage the end to end deployment and be responsible for reporting status, dependencies and escalations during the project
  • Deliver application visualizations based on data decisions made throughout the deployment and understand the importance of data that is mandatory to meet those decisions.
  • Document how implementation has addressed use cases along with all data considerations made during the project Publish & update a weekly delivery project plan
  • Escalate to clients or internally when timelines are at risk of slippage Collaborate with technical partners to drive a successful client deployment.
  • Experience within the utilities/energy sector/power sectors is essential.
  • Smart metering experience is essential.

Experience in IT deployment in the Middle East recommended

Vacancy No Longer Available