Talent Management

As a Procorre Consultant, we’ll work with you to progress your career, providing you with access to a range of opportunities on our projects around the world. 

Procorre Consultants are given opportunities to enhance their income through our Performance Bonus Programmes rewarding them based on the success of the business as a whole and on their individual contributions to the business.

Project Team

Our Project Performance Advisors work with our consultants to understand their skills and experience, to source projects that fit their required: destination, remuneration, industry, specialism and project duration.

Procorre manages projects all over the world, but should we not have the project that suits you, we’ll work with our extensive range of Preferred Suppliers to help secure your next opportunity.

Enhanced Income

Our Profit Share Programmes allows our consultants to substantially increase their earnings, by rewarding them for their contribution to Procorre.

Caroline, Procorre Consultant says I've introduced several other consultants to Procorre and have received an increased Profit Share because of it

Procorre Consultants are able to increase their earnings through our Profit Share Programmes, which are broken down into two sections:

Partner Profit Share

All Procorre Consultants have access to our Partner Profit Share, which is paid based on the success of the business as a whole and relates to Procorre’s overall profits.

Performance Bonus

Is paid to our consultants based on their individual contribution to Procorre, such as the introduction of clients, people or projects and the related income and profits.

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