Project Services

Global clients across multiple industries have benefited from our range of services by having Procorre as a trusted partner.

Feasibility Studies

By conducting feasibility studies, we help clients establish whether projects are technically and financially feasible. These studies assess the planned return on investment, review projected profits and losses thorough market and competitor assessments.

The assessments include analysis of both macro and micro environmental factors, market trends, and the strengths and weaknesses of other business operating in the sector.

Strategic Project Planning

We’ll work with clients to help them create strategic project plans, in order to reduce costs, alleviate risk and increase a project’s profitability, including:

  • Setting core objectives and key indicators of success
  • Streamlining logistic functions
  • Designing project plans
  • Reviewing supply chains

HR Structuring

Procorre assists our clients in developing their organisation structure and designing their recruitment strategy, creating strong lines of accountability and ensuring that clients appoint the right resources, with the appropriate skillset.

We assist our clients in creating training programmes, setting key performance indicators (KPIs) and undertaking both performance reviews and appraisals.

Risk Management

Ensuring your projects don’t run aground by developing robust risk management strategies, conducting thorough analyses of potential risks, creating risk registers and developing methods of mitigating potential risk.

Change Management

Steering clients through changes created by new legislation, economic downturns and technological advances by briefing them on imminent legislation and ensuring their compliance. By training senior management, devising recruitment strategies and advising on staff consultation, we help clients respond to change in an agile way.

Financial Management

We can conduct spending analyses and rationalise procurement where possible to reduce costs and increase margins. We can also manage taxation liability, providing budget and resource reporting.

On-Site Project Management

We deliver clients’ projects to budget, schedule and agreed specifications by monitoring critical paths and co-ordinating multiple departments and resources. We use established project management methodologies to regularly update stakeholders.

Upon completion, our detailed reviews will identify reasons for any deviations or variations with suggested solutions for future projects. They will also highlight good practice for future work. 

We can also produce financial reports, calculating a project’s profitability and providing full financial auditing services.

Expansion Guidance 

We assist clients who are seeking to enter new markets, helping them identify and evaluate new opportunities, to develop a full market entry strategy and ensuring they satisfy all legal and regulatory requirements for new countries and sectors.

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