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Procorre is a next generation management consultancy, we deliver advisory and implementation solutions to multiple clients across the globe. We offer critical advice and insight to global employers, assisting them with mobilising personnel globally and successfully navigating legal, political and financial landscapes.

When working with Procorre, our clients are provided with a free consultation where a gap analysis can be conducted to understand their needs. Following this, we ensure that clients are provided an expert, holistic view of a projects’ management. We assist with project planning, talent sourcing and mobilisation, including on-site project management and detailed reporting throughout a projects’ life-cycle.



Gap Analysis

We conduct gap analyses to help clients establish whether projects are technically and financially feasible. These studies assess the return on investment, projected profits and losses through market and competitor assessments.

Our assessments often take place in the format of a one day workshop where clients can collaborate with our innovative team to come to tailored solutions.

Strategic Project Planning

We work with our clients to help them create strategic project plans. This helps with reducing costs, alleviating risks and increasing a project’s profitability.

As part of our services we also provide concise objectives and key indicators of success, we design projects plan and review your supply chains.

We make sure that our clients are fully prepared for new legislation, economic downturns and technological advances by briefing them on the developments within their industry. We help clients respond to change in an agile way with a number of effective strategies.

At critical points of transition or expansion, we provide our clients solutions in energy, IT, financial services, mining, medical devices and construction. In order to complete your projects to the highest standards, we only accept the best consultants; thoroughly vetted innovators.

We deliver clients’ projects to budget, schedule and agreed specifications by monitoring critical paths and co-ordinating multiple departments and resources. We use our robust project management experience and methods to regularly update stakeholders.


At Procorre, our consultants provide invaluable advice, services, project management and insight to clients globally across multiple business sectors. At critical point of transition or expansion, we provide our clients solutions in energy, IT, financial services, mining, medical devices and construction. In order to complete your projects to the highest standards, we only accept the best consultants; thoroughly vetted innovators.



We have a wealth of experience mobilising consultants around the globe in various, diverse landscapes. As a result of this, we are able to expertly advise our clients on the best ways for them to proceed with their projects.

Our aim is to ensure that our projects are delivered successfully and to exemplary standards, this is why we ensure that our consultants experience no delays or disruptions throughout the project’s lifespan. Consultants will arrive in-country, starting their project on time, with the appropriate work permits and visas. With Procorre’s support, you can ensure success with your given projects.

  • Tax
  • Visa restrictions
  • Employment legislation
  • Working hours
  • Key calendar dates
  • Country specific business risks
  • Legal and contractual advice
  • Payroll and taxation management
  • Business expense policy design and management
  • Auditing services
More on Global Mobility


With over 15 years’ experience and consultants working on projects globally, Procorre can marry extensive expert knowledge and industry specialists to deliver our Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) solutions in over 120 locations.

Services included with our PEO solutions include global mobility, immigration, global compensation and talent management. This is reinforced by our global payment systems, along with comprehensive legal and compliance procedures.

Over the years, we have consistently supported Fortune 500 / FTSE 100 organisations with their global expansion needs across a range of industries.



As a part of Procorre’s comprehensive packages, we are responsible for providing advisory and strategy services to our clients around the world. Procorre works very closely with clients and handpicked Subject Matter Experts to provide expert strategy, structure and positioning on all our portfolio of global engagements.

Our deep-set methodology enables Procorre to develop holistic advisory and strategy models for all of our global projects, to date we have collaborated with a range of international clients from small to medium enterprises to global conglomerates, which puts Procorre in an excellent position to consult across major Industries including Renewables, Medical Devices, Cyber Security, Innovation, Med-Tech and ICO. As a business, we are always excited to explore new industries and face new challenges.

In a similar way to the numerous innovative, entrepreneurial consultants at Procorre, we ensure that we always respond to change within industries in an agile way; making sure that we are up to date with the newest technological advances. 

Please feel free to request a contact from us and we can arrange a free consultation to discuss your project requirements and what Procorre can offer you. 

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