Jack Allen

Company overview

Jack Allen Contact Lenses has been operating since 1973 making contact lenses from prescriptions. The company primarily works with hospital clinics and private practices and is just one of a handful of independent contact lenses manufacturers in the UK. The company is small with just six employees but exports its products to a number of European countries and India.

The challenge faced

The company owner Bill Wilson took over the company from its namesake Jack Allen when he retired in 2017. Bill was then solely responsible for compliance and maintaining the standards and requirements to uphold CE marking for the company’s products. The paperwork and complexities around the classification were taking up a large majority of Bill’s time away from running other elements of the business. After receiving an emailer from Procorre about its services he called in the team for some expert advice and support.


Key success factors and results

  • An expert team of highly experienced Procorre consultants reviewed the CE marking criteria and carried out a gap analysis.
  • Procorre identified the company needed to reclassify its products as they were custom made medical devices and needn’t be CE marked.
  • The team successfully helped Bill to re-classify the products which resulted in savings for the business in both time, money and resources.

Bill Wilson, Owner of Jack Allen Contact Lenses, said: “The reclassification of our products has had an enormous effect on our business. The way we were previously working was making the business unsustainable and we were flooded with paperwork and complications which were taking a lot of time and money to resolve.

I will be eternally grateful to Procorre for helping us to achieve the right compliance level and standards for our business. They helped us to cut through the jargon and set us on a path which is much easier to maintain and ensure we remain compliant in the future.”

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