Global Mobility – Trends in 2019

2019 is approaching fast and with 2018 being a very strong economic year are we prepared for what’s in store for us next year?

With no major general elections in the top 5 countries in Europe and top 10 in the world accounting to approx. 70% of world’s GDP it’s safe to say that unless we are hit by an unprecedented financial crash we have a very strong year ahead of us.

For years globalisation has been one of the world leaders’ main focus, however, with the ever growing populism and nationalism our mobilisation habits and needs are changing fast. On one hand travel has never been easier with airport traffic expected to increase by almost 10% to 4.8 billion passengers in 2019. On the other we will see Britain leaving the EU, America continuing to tighten their immigration policy and Europe tackling their migrant crisis.

However, when the economy is strong we have confident consumers and businesses will be looking to hire the best available staff and where they can’t source the talent locally, they will turn to international agencies and consultancies.

So what to look for in 2019? Below are key areas businesses should keep an eye on:

  • Data Protection
  • Immigration Services
  • Project Management

Data Protection

Big Data was one of the most significant players in 2017 and 2018 allowing us to analyse and follow consumer trends like never before. However, what seemed like a breakthrough for businesses became one of their major setbacks. Following the implementation of GDPR regulations and numerous scandals, including Facebook-Cambridge Analytica, businesses need to be very careful when targeting their customers and storing and exchanging their information. 2018 was a trial year with many governmental institutions gathering information and conducting risk analysis so we should expect them to start acting upon those in the months to come. Leading a number of data protection projects in the UK and Europe Procorre are best placed to provide you with guidance and support in that field.

Immigration Services

Immigration services are always at the heart of Global Mobility but international workforce started putting major emphasis on convenience and familiarity over the last 2 years. With the international markets becoming more parallel financially consultants make decisions based on accessibility, timeframes and relocation costs. Next to Americans, British have one of the largest professional international workforce, therefore 2019 and Brexit will provide world of opportunities to improve immigration practices to businesses as well as governments to attract the best talent from abroad.

Procorre have experience working in over 100 countries across six continents making us a perfect business partner, trusted to deliver invaluable knowledge on required immigration policy.

Project Management

You probably heard most recent trends in ‘consulting services becoming a thing of the past’. A lot of companies are international nowadays, but not many mastered to be truly global organizations. Operating internationally, it’s almost unavoidable you will need external consulting support from a specialist firm, but more often than not those companies are not truly global without sufficient experience. However, there are a lot of high up professionals, directors, COOs, CEOs etc. who experienced this first hand and now provide consulting services to help companies take them to the next level. Procorre are best placed to help you in this field.

The Talent

With the fast changing consumer habits and business trends it’s imperative you have the best talent around you to help you grow and reach your potential. 2019 will be all about improved and robust services to support the rapid economic growth we experienced in 2018. Why not speak to us to find out how we can help you and your business in 2019!

By Wiktor Podgorski, Global Mobility Team