Wiktor Podgorski - Senior Manager - Global Mobility

Wiktor Podgorski

With a successful background in business and consulting, I am delighted to lead a vibrant and dynamic Global Mobility Team here at Procorre.

Our main focus is to provide expert client care, ensuring our consultants are fully supported throughout their entire project life cycle. We believe that each consultant is unique and therefore our services are bespoke and tailored to their individual wants and needs. Our key objective is to build strong relationships with our consultants, which will enable us to grow and develop their professional network within Procorre and propel their already successful careers within the market.

This role is both challenging and rewarding. It requires accuracy, attention to detail and the ability to efficiently manage the expectations of our consultants, while ensuring we deliver on our promises.

We pride ourselves on maintaining an exceptionally high level of customer service and putting the consultant’s needs at the centre of everything we do.

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