Dan Potts - Senior Manager - Talent Acquisition

Dan Potts

As an experienced manager with over 10 years’ sales and business development knowledge, my role as Head of the Talent Acquisition Team has enabled me to shape the way we source top consultants in a range of industries across the globe.

Throughout my career I have built an extensive network working directly or indirectly on high value projects with large corporations such as Deutsche Bank, IBM, Anadarko, Boston Scientific and more.

Having lead and managed teams throughout Ireland and the UK, across a range of industries from Finance to Medical Devices, I have gained invaluable insight and expertise in key areas, which has enabled me to identify top consultants and know exactly where to place them on our global projects.

A crucial part of my role is to identify emerging markets, or developments in existing markets that Procorre can expand into and grow our business alongside our partners.

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