About Us

Procorre is a next generation management consultancy. Founded by entrepreneurs with a desire to challenge the industry status quo, we provide a first-class service through expert consultants who deliver client projects to the highest standards.

Consultants are hand-picked because of their established expertise and unbeatable track record in sectors such as: IT, Cyber Security, Oil & Gas, Financial Services or Medical Devices. Supported by our teams at offices internationally, we ensure that they can work on given projects with full support.

Over a thousand Procorre Consultants work across the globe on projects for the world’s largest banks, multi-nationals and global conglomerates. They leave behind a legacy of excellence and are regularly asked back to provide on-going support and advice.

As a result of our entrepreneurial foundations, we recognise these key innovators and know what makes them tick; we can also ensure that we attract only the best talent. Through working with us, you’ll be operating with people at the cutting edge of your sector. We don’t take on work before we find the talent; we already have it.

On top of all of this, we also work with some Consultants and invest in their existing business or help them to develop a business idea, potentially growing to become a division of Procorre. We know what success looks like and how it's achieved, so we use our expertise to ensure we provide the right opportunities and support to grow that business.

We began as several different professional services based in Switzerland and have evolved into the future of management consultancy which breathes fresh life into the existing industry model.


Integrity: We’re open and honest in everything we do. This instils trust in clients, preferred suppliers and consultants that we can meet their needs and comply with legislation and regulations ethically and professionally.

Visionary: By constantly innovating, we’re able to offer an extensive package of tangible benefits.

Collaborative: Through close collaboration with consultants, local partners and clients, we foster productive relationships which maximise the accuracy, relevance and effectiveness of our services.

Empowering: Through our expert knowledge and experience, we empower our partners to overcome the challenges of working internationally and on high value projects.

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