Pcr Title History V1

Procorre began as a number of different professional services consultancies based in Switzerland. They joined together, recognising that the larger skills base and expertise would allow them to provide more high value projects and a greater range of tangible benefits. Since merging, Procorre now has offices in Geneva, Singapore, London and Dublin and offers project services, talent management and global mobility in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America. 

Pcr Title Values V1

Our values underpin everything we do and ensure we work to the mutual benefit of clients, consultants and preferred suppliers.


We’re open and honest in everything we do. This instils trust in clients, preferred suppliers and consultants that we can meet their needs and comply with legislation and regulations ethically and professionally.


By constantly innovating, we’re able to offer an extensive package of tangible benefits.


Through close collaboration with consultants, local partners and clients, we foster productive relationships which maximise the accuracy, relevance and effectiveness of our services. 


Through our expert knowledge and experience, we empower our partners to overcome the challenges of working internationally and on high value projects.



Preferred Suppliers